Podcast of Mystery


April 8, 2020


On April 19th 1994 at about 9:30pm, 18 year old Brian Canfield, was driving his pickup truck from Buckley to a location near Lake Kapowsin in Washington State. Suddenly his engine died, the dashboard lights went dim, and the truck stopped even though Brian did not apply the brakes. Then he saw something descending in front of him about 30 feet away. At first he just saw the bird-like feet with claws. Then Brian saw the rest of the creature as it landed with a dusty thud. Standing in front of him 9 feet tall with blue tinted fur, tufted ears, yellow eyes with pupils like half-moons, a large mouth with sharp white teeth, and a face like a wolf was the Batsqatch. Brian said he was scared. Seeing the creature made his hair stand on end but he didn't feel threatened. Just out of place. He said the creature stood there and stared at him like it was resting like it didn't know what to think. The young man said that the creature stood there for several minutes. It then twitched its fingers and unfurled its winds. Wings as wide as the road. It flapped its wings and slowly rose into the sky. The wind from the wings of the create was so great that it made his truck shake. He said the creature few off in the direction of Mt. Rainier. A few more minutes later and his truck started and he took off back home as fast as he could.

This was the first documented encounter with the creature that would come to be known as Batsquatch. A newspaper report in the New Tribune of Tacoma written by C.R. Roberts notes that Brian Canfield was "an average normal kid" and didn't drink or do drugs. The reporter also noted that Brian was not a fan of heavy metal and don't play D&D so those facts could be ruled out. At the end of the report Brian is quoted as saying, "It did happen. I'm willing to put my life on it. I just have this picture in front of my head, the picture of it standing there. I can't get rid of it. It's just there. I kinda wish it didn't happen"

While some might disregard this story as the tall tale of a teenage who has watched on too many episodes of the X-files or Sightings, there have been other sightings. As a matter of fact, local legend says that the fist sightings happen in May of 1980 during the Mt. St. Hellen's eruption. There are many tales of batsasquatch stretching from the North Cascades to Mt. Shasta. Most all describe a similar creature. A very tall fury bipedal creature with an ape-like body, a wolf-like head, and leathery bat-like wings. Some claiming the creature to have a wingspan greater that 30 feet. Unfortunately, finding more information about these sighting is difficult. There are many reports that are quite obviously intended as joke. Jokes that many cryptozoologists repeat as actual genuine eyewitness accounts. What we do know is that in 2018, Rogue Ales brewery of Newport Oregon released a delicious hazy IPA named after the famed Batsasquatch with some of the best artwork I have ever seen. I'm not getting paid to say this, I just like the beer and the art. Seriously, if anyone at Rogue is listen, please send me a Batsasquatch t-shirt. I'll wear it on my next livestream.

If anyone knows how to get ahold of Brian please put us in touch. I would love to interview him. And if you have had an encounter with Batsasquatch or any other paranormal experience that you would like to share, please call my voicemail line at (425) 835-2766‬. Maybe we will include it on a future episode. I'm Jason Rigden and you've been listening to The Podcast of Mystery

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