Noah the Time Traveler aka Denis Bel

July 9, 2021

On this episode we get a sneak peak into the shadowy and highly profitable world of fake paranormal videos. My guest is the man I believe to be the real Noah the Time Traveler. You may remember Noah as the time traveler with cell phone video of a far future Las Vegas. He was presented by YouTube channel ApexTV as an actual time traveler. They went to far as to actually show a video of him allegedly taking a polygraph test. The videos of Noah the Time Traveler got millions of views. Even the reaction videos got millions of views. Noah was kind of a viral sensation helping ApexTV earn over a million subs on their YouTube channel. His time travel story was reported in the media all over the world. And Noah's story is still pushed by some individuals in the paranormal community to this day. The only problem of course is that the whole thing was a complete hoax.

My guest for this episode is Denis Bel aka Noah the Time Traveler. If you know about Noah's story, you'll know there are several people out there claiming to be him. So, you might be wondering how I know Denis is the real Noah.

Well, the original videos of Noah the Time Traveler from ApexTV show him with a pixelated face. In Denis's video admitting to the hoax, he showed the unedited versions of those videos with his face clearly visible. And that was enough for me to be convinced that this was the real Noah.

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