The Ohio Paranormal Society

Greetings from the 21st century. February 11, 2021 to be specific. 18 hundred 22 UTC to be even more specific. I am Jason Rigden and this is the Podcast of Mystery. Unless you are a time traveler, I'm in your past and you are in my future. How far away we are I do not know. There could be days, months, maybe even decades of time separating us. Wherever and whenever you are, I hope you are doing well. And I thank you for listening. I've got a great show for you this time. I've got Mark, Mandy, and Kayla from the Ohio Paranormal Society. This was another one that was only scheduled for 20 minutes but the interview was so amazing that we just kept going. They talk about their investigations into paranormal spots in the Ohio area and their frightening experience with a real-life demonic possession.

Tags: Ohio, Paranormal, Ghosts